The Importance of Timing in the Brain

Dr. Kevin McGrew, author of the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities, discusses the importance of timing in the brain, as well as how Interactive Metronome impacts brain timing, and influences and changes neurological function. Attention, motor coordination, cognitive abilities, speech and language are all areas affected positively by this form of brain training.

Learn 2 Focus uses Interactive Metronome in Hawaii as our foundation program. We apply our own unique blends of auditory, visual, sensory, and cognitive tasks to design individualized programs…no cookie cutter approach here! Learn 2 Focus works with individuals and families throughout Hawaii. Don’t let distance or lack of time be a barrier. We specialize in off-site training on Oahu, Maui County, Kauai, and the Big Island.

We are excited to announce Learn 2 Focus will be partnering with Interactive Metronome Corporation in a new pilot program.  What does this mean for clients?  Multiple new training packages and reduced costs!!!  If you have been on the fence about IM, now is the time to try it.  Call our office and inquire about the new training options.  We’d love to hear from you.  808-352-0116