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Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program designed to help children, adolescents and adults train their working memory to significantly improve attention. With enhanced working memory, clients become more focused and less distraction-prone and are better able to remember instructions, plan next steps, and start and finish tasks. For adults, this means enhanced professional performance and attentional stamina. School-age kids who undergo Cogmed training experience improved social skills, improved reading and math comprehension, and better academic results. 

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The program schedule is flexible and can be tailored to fit your family’s needs for ultimate convenience. Guided by a Cogmed Qualified Coach, Cogmed includes an initial interview and start-up session, followed by five weeks of computer-based training with weekly coach calls. You can track your progress through Cogmed Training Web, and review your results in the wrap-up meeting and six month follow-up interview. You also have the option of taking part in Cogmed Extension Training, a computer-based training supplement led by a national network of attention specialists.

Cogmed can help improve working memory deficits typical of the following challenges:

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How Cogmed Works

Attention and concentration problems typically stem from a deficit in one’s working memory. Causes of attention deficits may include ADHD, brain injury, side effects of aging, and memory overload. Unfortunately, many people with working memory deficits experience poor academic, professional and social performance. To address working memory deficits, Cogmed is targeted to help three specific types of clients:

Cogmed for pre-schoolers can be essential in improving working memory for following instructions, staying focused for independent activities, and staying seated.

School age
Cogmed training can enhance working memory to improve school age children’s ability to read, solve math problems, plan assignments or projects, and stay engaged in conversation.

Several studies show improved mental stamina leading to improved academic performance as a result of Cogmed training exercises.

Using Cogmed to improve working memory in can help adults be more effective with a variety of tasks such as planning, avoiding distraction, focusing and meeting deadlines. Cogmed training may also positively affect your conversational skills and ability to work with others.


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During research at several leading U.S. universities, 80% of participants have significantly improved their ability to concentrate and use complex reasoning skills.
Even though the standard Cogmed protocol lasts only 5 weeks, both students and their parents typically continue to see improvement 3 to 6 months following training.
Klingberg’s 2005 study on school children with ADHD showed Cogmed had significant treatment effects on non-trained measures of working memory, response inhibition and complex reasoning.