How Virtual Learning Works

Why Online Treatment is Effective

Many people ask us, “How does virtual learning work?” and more importantly, “How can it work for me and my child?” At Learn 2 Focus, we are able to offer you the flexibility of working with us on training programs from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual learning combines the proven principles of brain training with advanced software that is available from your computer or laptop. This option is especially appealing for busy parents with tight schedules or for families who may live far away from our office and would like to cut down on travel time. Additionally, virtual learning is the optimal way for us to accommodate your budget while still achieving the same quality results for your child.

Depending on the learning program selected for your child, we will provide you with an online, easy-to-use software kit to take home. By collaborating with you, we are able to offer your child the positive encouragement and support to successfully complete the program at home. 

Interactive Metronome Home Edition (IM-Home)                                          

  • We collect your child’s data through an in-depth consultation, which will be used to develop a custom home program. 
  • The student completes either an online or in-office assessment with the Interactive Metronome equipment.  Results are collected and an individualized training plan is created for each child.
  •  Every day your child trains from home, we monitor and assess your child’s scores through our online eClinic. Any required adjustments to the program will be executed by our trained staff remotely.
  • You and your child will receive messages of encouragement from us and we can answer any questions through the eClinic.

Fast ForWord

  • Your child is provided with a Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) test, which will determine their appropriate level and baseline.
  • The training software adapts to your child’s progress, which Learn 2 Focus monitors every day and emails you daily reports.
  • If your child plateaus during the training, Learn 2 Focus staff will provide strategies for you as the home coach to help move him or her forward during the training cycle.

Reading Assistant (RA)

  • Depending on your child’s reading level, he or she may be asked to take a Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) test, which will determine their appropriate level and baseline.
  • The fail-proof program adjusts according to the child’s daily performance.  If necessary, adjustments may be made by Learn 2 Focus staff.
  • Learn 2 Focus monitors your child’s progress and emails you daily progress reports. 
  • Sample audio recordings of your child’s reading are stored, so you will have examples of your child’s progress before, during and after training with RA.


  • After a detailed interview with Learn 2 Focus staff to establish goals and determine the appropriate training level and schedule, students will be assigned to a program lasting 5 to 10 weeks of specific computer-based training addressing working memory deficits.  Each family will participate in a weekly coach call with Learn 2 Focus staff.
  • You are able to track your child’s progress through Cogmed Training Web and view results upon completion.
  • A final meeting is scheduled upon conclusion of the 5 to 10 week course to discuss results and goals.
  • Learn 2 Focus may authorize 100 additional complimentary sessions if the child wishes to continue training beyond 5 – 10 weeks. 

inTime and the Learning Program

  • Each family completes an interview and assessment to determine which program is appropriate: The Listening Program: Level 1, Spectrum, Achieve or inTime. Based on the intake, a protocol is developed for the student’s home use.
  •  The family will participate in a bi-weekly coach call with Learn 2 Focus staff. The program may be adjusted based on your child’s progress.