Interactive Metronome

Powerful Brain Training Tool for All Ages

Interactive Metronome (IM) is an intensive, research-based brain training program that helps children and adults overcome attention, memory and coordination limitations. IM works for people of all ages who have a variety of conditions affecting their cognitive and physical abilities.

Facts on interactive metronome effectiveness

Facts on interactive metronome effectiveness

Because of the brain’s neuroplasticity — its ability to change — it is possible to “rewire” the brain to overcome learning disabilities and other processing disorders. Designed to help children and adults with developmental, learning and attention problems related to motor processing and sequencing challenges, IM training focuses on improving rhythm and timing, two critical factors in being able to plan and sequence your thoughts and actions.

IM is beneficial for most pediatric neurological conditions, including:

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How Interactive Metronome Works

Recent advances in technology have led to new and innovative ways to diagnose these challenges and provide solutions for a variety of learning and performance issues.

Interactive Metronome bases its approach on scientific evidence that suggests certain cognitive challenges are related to timing issues, rather than the brain translating sounds incorrectly. IM helps with overall brain function, attention, academics, auditory processing, coordination and behavior, and can also serve to help diagnose individuals with developmental disorders by comparing timing abilities and the temporal aspects of handwriting performance. Many parents even report that their children were better able to regulate aggressive behavior and impulsivity after completing the program.

Learn 2 Focus has achieved Advanced Pediatric Certification for Interactive Metronome and is one of the first certified providers nationwide of IM-Home. Based on the relationship between neural timing and impairment in function, IM programs are customized to each person’s unique needs for both in-office training and IM-Home.

To learn more about how Interactive Metronome has helped thousands of children and adults overcome their attention, memory and coordination, please contact Learn 2 Focus at 808-352-0116. - Services are also available online.

The Interactive Metronome is spectacularly helpful. It is one of the most promising developments with non-medication of ADHD that’s come along in a long while… This is a really solid, extremely helpful non-medication (intervention) not only for ADHD but for mental functioning in general.
— Edward Hallowell MD, author of Driven to Distraction, and leading ADHD clinician and speaker
The Interactive Metronome provides a long needed and important educational and learning approach to improve a number of critical foundations in the learning process.
— Stanley I Greenspan, MD, leading child psychiatrist, author of Building Healthy Minds
A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 9 to 12-year-old boys diagnosed with ADHD found that those undergoing IM treatment showed significant patterns of improvement in attention, coordination, motor control, language processing, reading and control of aggression/impulsivity.
— American Journal of Occupational Therapy, March 2001