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Effective Treatment for ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia & Other Challenges

Fast ForWord is a proven, scientifically-based reading intervention program developed by neuroscientists at Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins. Fast ForWord software is designed to boost not only reading and language, but also cognitive skills like memory, attention span, processing speed and sequencing. This is the only program that currently develops all of these skills simultaneously, helping countless children and adults manage or overcome their learning disabilities and challenges — often in only 8 to 12 weeks.

Fast ForWord can help support and treat the following challenges:

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How Fast ForWord Works

How Fast ForWord Works

The Fast ForWord program bases its approach on scientific evidence that suggests many language challenges are the result of the brain failing to process sounds correctly. Training focuses on helping your child hear and process the sounds and distinguish between phonemes — the basic building blocks of language. Beginning at artificially slow speeds and gradually increasing to normal speech patterns, your child learns to process sounds rapidly in order to overcome his or her auditory processing challenges.

The Fast ForWord Language programs allow for dramatic improvement in reading and writing scores while focusing on memory, attention, processing and sequencing.  This makes it an ideal tool for younger children struggling with minimal reading skills as well as language learning challenges. By helping students absorb information faster, pay closer attention and remember more of what they were taught, they can become better, more confident learners.

The Fast ForWord Reading programs utilize what the student has mastered in the Language progams and expands on reading, comprehension, memory, inferences, processing, spelling and grammatical skills.  At  Learn 2 Focus we use Fast ForWord Reading programs not only for struggling learners, but also for older students who wish to improve SAT scores.

With Fast ForWord, you and/or your child can improve your language and reading skills so you can feel confident in yourself and your abilities. When you or your child begins the Fast ForWord program, you will follow a differentiated learning path based on age and assessment results. As you continue with the program, the training software constantly adapts to your level so you won’t become frustrated or bored.

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“We needed an approach that would engage our first and second grade students in the learning process. Fast ForWord helped our students improve their listening and processing skills. Overall, the students gained a tremendous amount of self-esteem and are now much more attentive in class.”
— Rita Gardner, Principal of Shields Elementary School