Treatment of Autism, Apraxia & Other Challenges

Neuroscience has proven through functional brain imaging that music engages more brain areas than anything else, and rhythm is the most important, fundamental aspect of music. In other words, your brain health and brain-body connection depend on rhythm. When combined through music and activity, rhythm and sound frequency have the capacity to improve focus, timing and stress response in the brain.

inTime provides a personalized program of listening training and fun movement activities using body, drum and voice to help you keep the beat and flow with the rhythms of daily life. Children, teens and adults can engage with the rhythm-based music of inTime to help stimulate rhythm awareness, focus, timing, precision and adaptive responses to stress — all of which supply your brain with the highest quality of stimulation it needs for optimal function. As brain health and the brain-body connection improve, these abilities improve in sync.

inTime can support the following learning challenges and developmental disorders:

  • Apraxia
  • Autism
  • Auditory processing
  • Sensory processing
  • Supporting social and emotional function
  • Communication
  • Executive function
  • Creative expression
  • Motor coordination
  • Stress response
  • Self-awareness
for New and Existing Students
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How inTime Works

InTime is the first music listening therapy to combine rhythm and sound frequency stimulation. The training method is practiced on a regular basis, five days a week, with the duration of the program depending upon the needs and the goals of the listener. Daily practice is essential to the success of the training program in helping you or your child overcome learning challenges.

InTime supports a variety of important skills from social and emotional function to motor coordination and stress response. The rhythm-based music in the software stimulates increased awareness, focus and precision. During the course of your progressive training program, different areas of your brain and their related functions will be stimulated. The training is flexible and can work for individuals of all ages to improve executive function, creative expression and self-awareness.

As you progress through the program, Learn 2 Focus provides additional guidance and support to help you use music to achieve your personal growth and development goals. With personalized assistance, you or your child will be able to complete the majority of inTime training independently. Use inTime alongside Interactive Metronome (IM) for even more dramatic results.


To learn more about the music listening therapy inTime and how it can help your child,
please contact Learn 2 Focus at 808-352-0116.  - Services are also available virtually.

InTime offers a safe, enjoyable and effective solution for children and adults who have difficulties with attention, timing, rhythmic movement and stress resilience.
— Alex Doman, founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies.
I felt more connected and effective in my daily work and life and see its application for all ages.
— Veronica Steer, BAppScOT, RegOT, AccOT, OT Plus, Adelaide, South Australia