Success Stories

Success Stories

We measure success in our training programs by the smiles on the faces of our students when what was once an insurmountable obstacle is now a solid achievement.

It is sufficiently rewarding to experience these breakthroughs to keep us inspired to constantly research and improve what we bring to you.

"I have referred clients with sensori-motor integration and/or attention issues for over 8 years to Sue Sorensen.  I discovered through their results far more benefits could be gleaned from Sue's Interactive Metronome training strategy for other types of neurological processing deficiencies beyond what I had originally referred the clients.  Sue's observation of clients while challenging them under different training conditions were used to develop creative, but scientifically sound individualized training programs.  Any professional guided by the principles of applied neurophysiology will appreciate that it is this type of disciplined observation and adaptive training protocol development that has the best chance of succeeding at improving function.  There is no miracle one size fits all - each individual deserves this level of compassionate attention and individualized training support.  As a mother of two children with special needs, Sue has also been an informative community resource for many other families with similar challenges in navigating through the maze of standard and alternative treatment options."
- Cecilia Alailima MD, BCIA-EEG Fellow -

Bella and Kiarah recommend Learn2Focus!

Nothing But Net

Nothing But Net

My son is 12 years old and is diagnosed with autism, central auditory processing disorder, functional vision deficits, and attention deficit disorder – inattentive. He completed approximately 30 sessions of Interactive Metronome, and I received positive reports from his school aide after the half-way point of his sessions. (FYI, I did not tell my school aide about IM until after he gave me positive reports). His school aide reported that my son’s attention and focus is improved to the point that he is ready to learn – the school aide had not seen that much effort and concentration before. The school aide also noticed that my son’s anxiety level has decreased and he is calmer and does’t get flustered as easily as before. Another interesting thing is that my son has never liked basketball. His P.E. class is now playing basketball and he is participating and said basketball is “OK”. This is a huge because he could not be encouraged to play basketball in the past.

Brain Training -> Unexpected Improvements

My son has dyspraxia, and IM has helped him in ways I never expected; his sense of direction, rhythm, and motor skills have all improved noticeably. He is also more confident and willing to try new activities that involve motor skills. It is also nice that he enjoys the sessions and IM includes various games to keep it interesting. A quote from my son, “I like IM. I hate fishing, but I like doing the trees and the pictures and the aliens.”  Susi has a great rapport with kids of all abilities and has been able to motivate my son and help him make steady progress.
- S.W. -


Molly, a 10-year-old 5th grader, had a recent diagnosis that included ADHD, and she was said to be showing signs of High Functioning Autism

Molly, a 10-year-old 5th grader, had a recent diagnosis that included ADHD, and she was said to be showing signs of High Functioning Autism. Molly’s mother noticed that her daughter would regularly forget things at home and school, and was unable to keep her belongings organized. When Molly’s mother saw the Interactive Metronome (IM) website, she read the content with a certain level of suspicion and doubt, but as a parent who wanted to do whatever she could to help Molly and lessen her frustrations, she decided to give IM a try. When Molly was asked what had changed for her since taking the IM training, she replied, “Everything is much easier for me now. It’s much easier to do my homework than it was before.”

Even More Positive Results…

“If you want to go the natural way (versus medication) for you or your children with learning disabilities, I would highly recommend Susi.  My two sons have been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, slow processing speed and anxiety disorder and we have been searching for years for ways to help my sons through natural remedies that didn’t work and were a waste of time and money.  We were almost on the verge of giving up until we met Susi.  We have been doing Interactive Metronome with her since this past May and already see improvements in my sons ADHD and slow processing speed. We hope to start Fast Forward for their dyslexia (although we already see some improvements with Interactive Metronome and IM-Home) and The Listening Program for their anxiety disorder.  I know we will only see more and more improvements as Susi is the most dedicated, knowledgeable, caring, patient, kind and professional person we know. We are totally blessed by her and trust her completely.  She knows what works and what doesn’t because she herself is a parent of two children with learning disabilities.  Therefore, her recommendations and knowledge are based on years of her own personal trials and experiences. We are looking forward to seeing more improvements especially academically when they start their sophomore and senior year next week.  My family and I can’t say enough good things about her. Give her a call and you will be blessed in more ways you can imagine too.”  
- Donnie R. -

Interactive Metronome significantly improved my son’s focus.  He is now more alert and follows directions better.  His coach said it was like working with a different kid.  Thank you, Susan Sorensen!”  
- DZ, mom to 16 year old who completed IM summer intensive -

“My son had trouble keeping an appropriate distance from other kids. He would lean on other kids. He threw himself around and hit his head and body on the floor, wall, and furniture….any place. Other kids did not like that at all. At preschool most of the kids didn’t want to play with him, not even be close to him. We pulled him out of school. I found IM training on line. Then we met Susi. He acted badly, but Susi had great patience and encouraged him in so many ways to change his behavior. My husband and I noticed he started to change his bad behaviors. After 3 months from the start of IM we put him back in preschool again. His behavior was so much improved and he had a good experience in class. Now he is 5 years old and he goes to kindergarten. We just had a parent – teacher conference. His teacher said his behavior and manners are great. There are only a few kids in his class who can read and he is one of them. He is the only one who can write. Thank you Susi for such a great job working with him.
- N.J. -

“My son is 11 years old and has Aspergers and ADHD. After 4 months of IM training with Miss Susi, he is now able to control his temper and impulsivity. He focuses in class without a shadow aide and is independently finishing homework. This semester is the first time he brought home a report card of A’s and B’s.”
- Faye -

“My son has PDD-NOS and ADHD. He is in the 2nd grade and despite 4 years of private therapy and tutors still struggled with attention, impulsive behaviors, and cognitive deficits. After 2 months of IM with Susi, he is bringing home 100% on all his spelling tests. His reading and math scores are greatly improved as well. He can focus for longer and longer periods of time and does more homework than is required, by his choice. This is the first time he has ever enjoyed academics and learning. Prior to starting IM his left was very weak compared to his right side. He resisted using his left hand and left leg. Now he uses both sides of his body equally. He no longer appears uncoordinated.”
- Cheryl H. -

“IM is the glue that makes everything else stick.”
- Student/Ryan C. -

“My son was diagnosed with auditory processing and started IM with Susi in late October 2013. Under Susi’s program and guidance, my son has made great strides in focusing, articulation, and comprehension.   His teachers were amazed by his progress that he was awarded “Most Improved” in his class.  Being a parent herself, Susi understands  the frustration parents go through as we explore every advertisement out there seeking answers for our kids.  She sincerely cares for all her kids, and their progress.  She will adjust her program based on the child’s need and individuality.  Susi is a great blessing, an inspiration, and a sincere person.”
- N.R. -

“Besides improved attention during class, my daughter is finally able to complete her homework independently AND turn it in on time.
- Ursula, mom to 12 year old with ADD who completed IM -

“I was very skeptical that IM could help my child. We were running out of options and reluctantly decided to try it after hesitating for months. Combining IM in the office with Susi and IM-Home worked well for our family’s tight schedule. My only regret now is we waited so long. My child’s attention, coordination, communication skills, and independence have skyrocketed in just a few short months.”
- Stephanie K. -

“A bit of advice for anyone on the fence about IM…TRY IT…you won’t be disappointed. Transferring from Elementary to Middle School 4 years ago, we knew my son’s poor attention and motivational skills would collide with greater expectations in his future classroom. IM has kept him focused and in the top 10% of his class academically. During the school year we use IM-Home, and every summer he does an IM brush up intensive with Susi prepping him for the new school year.”
- Robert H. -