Wilson Reading System

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Wilson Reading System

Wilson Reading System (WRS) uses a unique multisensory program which incorporates various components designed to increase language fluency and comprehension for children and adults who have language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. Our curriculum for teaching encoding and decoding is influenced by Orton-Giilingham techniques and has proven highly successful with students who have had difficulty with traditional reading instruction.

for New and Existing Students
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WRS can help support and treat the following challenges:

WRS targets students who have/are:

  • Unable to decode accurately
  • Slow, labored reading with lack of fluency
  • May know many words by sight, but have difficulty reading unfamiliar words and pseudo words
  •  Often guesses at words
  • Poor spelling
  • Able to speak and understand English, but not read or write it (such as English language learners)
  • In grade 2 or higher

What Will My Child Learn?

The following skills are developed and reinforced throughout the program.

  • Phonemic Segmentation
  • Alphabetic Principle
  • Decoding / Encoding
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Sight Word Instruction
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Metacognition

How Wilson Reading System Works

How Wilson Reading System Works:

WRS bases it's approach on Orton-Gillingham principles, which means it uses visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile senses to help kids make connections between sounds and words.  Wilson's unique tapping system teaches students how to segment and blend phonemes into syllables and words.  

Our students are taught how to break down and blend word sounds by several proven methods. This builds the students’ encoding, decoding, and ultimately comprehension skills.  Accuracy and fluency lessons are sequential, and each lesson incorporates both sufficient repetition from previous lessons, as well as introduction and reinforcement of new concepts.  It is not uncommon for our student's reading skills to improve by several years within just a few months.

Like other solutions at Learn 2 Focus, such as Interactive Metronome, In-Time and more, WRS builds skills over time in a particular order. Language elements that non-dyslexic learners acquire easily must be taught directly and systematically. Our curriculum is broken into short, structured steps.  60 to 90 minute sessions are scheduled depending on the age of the student.

Why It Works

Direct: Students master the structure of words and language through straightforward instruction.

Cumulative: Students work from sounds to syllables, words to sentences, stories to books, learning the structure of English through constant repetition and review. Each step builds on the one before. Students learn concepts thoroughly, moving through the program at their own pace through one-on-one instruction.

Multi-sensory: Skills are taught and reinforced auditorily, verbally, tactilely and visually until the skills are automatic.

Integrated:  Lessons throughout Wilson Reading System are organized, individualized, and build upon skills previously taught. .

Research shows that delaying an appropriate interverntion only widens the gap and lengthens the time it will take for a student to catch up, so give us a call at 808-352-0116 to get started today.