NEW! Are you minding your “gut health?”

Emerging science is showing the important role gut health plays in focus, mood, energy and sleep.

I’m constantly surveying the horizon for resources to help special needs keiki, therefore I’m excited to introduce natural products from Amare Global into my business. Please watch the video below to learn how optimizing the gut/brain axis can help your child.

Click below to purchase Amare’s gut-brain axis product, called Kid’s Fundamentals:

online Brain Training & Treatment Programs

Brain Training with Learn 2 Focus | Honolulu, HI

Proven Treatment for ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia & Other Challenges

The amazing, multi-faceted brain center is responsible for everything from attention and focus to timing and motor function. Weak or faulty neural connections can cause developmental, processing or other learning disorders, but these challenges can be overcome with careful retraining. Learn 2 Focus is a method of intensive brain training that can reshape brain function, effectively building new neural connections and strengthening weak or faulty ones. Brain training has the power to make lasting improvements for adults and children in your reading and language level, executive & cognitive function skills, and auditory & sensory processing. We've made dramatic, measurable improvements in clients with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia,  and issues with Reading Fluency & Comprehension.

Learn 2 Focus Children

When my daughter was just a toddler she was diagnosed with a severe form of global developmental dyspraxia. I searched everywhere for an effective solution, but continued to struggle finding a treatment that could provide the help my daughter needed. Then I learned about Interactive Metronome (IM) and how brain training could address the cause of developmental and processing disorders, rather than the symptoms. It was the catalyst that changed my daughter’s life and opened up her potential. And I knew I wanted to help others who were struggling with similar challenges.
—Learn 2 Focus founder Susi Sorensen

ADD/ADHD Treatments


Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affect the brain’s executive functioning skills — organization, planning, timing and sequencing — and can delay the brain’s natural maturation by approximately three years.  To Learn More >>

treatment programs for Autism Spectrum disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

The autism spectrum describes a range of conditions classified as neurodevelopmental disorders that occur when brain development or function is disrupted or faulty.  To Learn More >>

Auditory & Sensory Processing Disorders

Auditory and Sensory Processing Disorders

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) impact the brain’s ability to receive and respond to information.  To Learn More >>

online & In office Dyslexia treatments


Dyslexia is primarily an auditory disorder affecting one’s ability to perceive and respond to speech sounds in a consistent manner.  To Learn More >>

Dyspraxia and Apraxia treament program

Dyspraxia and Apraxia

Developmental dyspraxia and apraxia are neurological conditions that cause a breakdown in the brain’s motor planning and movement sequencing abilities.   To Learn More >>

Reading Fluency & Comprehension programs

Reading Fluency & Comprehension

The ability to read fluently, retain and comprehend material is critical in many assignments, activities and professions — yet 50 percent of adults are unable to read at an eighth grade level, and more than one in every three children reads below the most basic level on The National Assessment of Educational Progress.   To Learn More >>

Sports Performance Enhancement programs

Sports Performance Enhancement

Athletic activities require a complex combination of rhythm, timing, processing speed, attention and memory. Both professional and amateur athletes pour hundreds and thousands of hours into training their body and improving their reactions. Plays, moves and skills are practiced until they become natural or automatic, reducing the amount of focus required to execute them in a game. But all of these processes are controlled by neurons firing and connecting in your brain. For serious or struggling athletes, brain training is the logical next step in enhancing sports performance.   To Learn More >>

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Practitioner Offers Drug-Free Treatment for ADD, ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia