Interactive Metronome Home Edition

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Interactive Metronome Home Edition (IM-Home)

When children struggle with significant challenges or chronic issues, it often requires extensive intervention that can be very draining on a family. A life saver and a life changer for busy families with time and financial limitations, IM-Home offers the freedom to train with Interactive Metronome when, where and how often you need, with individualized therapies designed specifically for your child’s needs.

Interactive Metronome is a revolutionary assessment and training program crucial for neural timing and synchronization, which are fundamental to cognitive, behavioral, communication and motor skills. IM uses a variety of games and activities focused on improving your timing and rhythm, two factors that play a pivotal role in your ability to plan and sequence your actions and thoughts. With intensive IM training, you can strengthen neural pathways and change the way you processes information — and even overcome disabling processing disorders and learning disabilities.

Many pediatric neurological conditions can be improved with the use of IM-Home, including:

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Brain Training Online and at Home

IM-Home was developed so that you can realize the benefit of Interactive Metronome from the comfort of your home. With IM-Home, your child can experience the dramatic improvements of Interactive Metronome without ever leaving home. At Learn 2 Focus, we offer a few options for incorporating IM-Home: Come in to the office for three sessions each week, then continue with IM-Home once you're comfortable with the program. Or if you prefer, you can visit us once a week and then train the remainder of the week using IM-Home. Some clients with time, distance or cost restrictions choose to train exclusively using IM-Home and receive coaching entirely online. We can work with you to fit IM-Home into your schedule to ensure the sessions are not just convenient, but effective. 

IM-Home is ideal for:

  • Clients who are limited in how many times they can come to our clinic each week due to school or work schedules, distance, insurance or financial limitations.
  • Clients who would benefit from continued IM exercises even after they have been discharged for meeting their therapy goals.
  • Clients suffering from a chronic or degenerative condition who would benefit from daily IM exercises.

How IM-Home Works

IM-Home is a computer-generated metronome you hear through headphones. While listening, you tap hand or foot triggers to match the beat. The program uses directional sounds and light to tell you if you are early or late, guiding you to make immediate changes to more closely match the rhythm. Kids love making the monkey climb the tree, blasting aliens, shooting hoops and more. At the end of each session you can see your results as they are uploaded to the eClinic, where the scores are analyzed and adjustments made as needed. The updates are automatically entered for your next session, and you’ll receive messages via eClinic regarding any changes or simply for encouragement. 

Learn 2 Focus founder Susi Sorensen is Hawaii’s first and most experienced IM-Home specialist, expertly trained to monitor, coach and motivate clients to experience optimal progress. 

To learn more about the incredible brain training benefits of Interactive Metronome Home Edition, please contact Learn 2 Focus at 808-352-0116. - Services are also available online.