Learn2Focus TransForum Newsletter – Undoing Dyslexia

Undoing Dyslexia In Hawaii – My Story

Welcome to Learn 2 Focus’s November Transforum enewsletter. Last month we focused on dyslexia. Dyslexia is one of the more commonly misunderstood learning disabilities. Many people think of it as a vision-related disorder, but it is actuallyrooted in differences in how the brain hears and processes spoken language.

The ability to read is dependent upon the reader making accurate letter-sound correspondences, so when the brain processes spoken language atypically, it can be hard for readers to make sense of the connections between printed words and the sounds they make. The good news is that some studies have shown dyslexia to be effectively remediated by training the brain to process language more effectively. Certain approaches successfully used for dyslexia can also be used for other auditory challenges related to language and literacy. If you have visited my website, www.learn2focus.com, you know that I have a daughter who had some pretty significant speech, language, and sensory issues. I thought sharing bits and pieces of our journey might encourage others and help them find solutions to their own child’s challenges. 

My daughter has verbal apraxia, a neurological speech disorder which causes difficulty sequencing sounds for speech production.  Combine that with rather hefty doses of auditory processing, visual processing, and sensory processing issues and it became a tough combination to find appropriate help for her.  One of the things she really struggled with during the elementary years was the inability to process and sequence sounds.  Her vowel distortions were tremendous.  We always assumed it was due to apraxia, until Robert Doman Jr from the National Association of Child Development identified one reason she couldn’t say certain sounds was because she couldn’t discriminate the sounds.  That critical piece of information led us to Fast ForWord and the rest is history!  Fast ForWord helped train her brain to recognize and hear the subtle differences in language. The results were dramatic for my daughter, and they continue to be for other children training on Fast ForWord programs with Learn 2 Focus.

Whether your child has dyslexia, challenges with language, literacy, processing speed, auditory processing, memory, or attention,  Fast ForWord could be the solution.

Learn 2 Focus is the only off-site provider of Fast ForWord Language, Literacy, and Reading programs in Hawaii.  For a limited time, we are offering 20% off all Fast ForWord Language and Reading programs.  As we are heading into the holiday season you may be wondering what you can do for your child during the Christmas break.  If your child struggles with weak phonemic awareness, slow processing, poor sequencing, spelling, or reading issues, Fast ForWord may be the answer.

Consider taking this 3 week opportunity to kick start a Fast ForWord program.  It isn’t uncommon for children to improve 1 to 2 years in reading and language in a matter of 12 to16 weeks.