We're In the News!

As we’re winding down to the end of the month (Halloween, anybody?), I have some AWESOME news to share: last week, Learn 2 Focus’ press release was picked up by Hawaii News Now’s website, as well as by affiliates of FOX News, ABC, NBC and more. The article talked about how I am able to offer drug-free treatments for learning challenges, such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, coordination and auditory processing disorders.


Thank you to my Learn 2 Focus ohana who have helped me come this far!


Read the whole article here:


Families worldwide affected by learning challenges, such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, coordination and auditory processing disorders have a new resource for help. Honolulu based, brain training provider, Learn 2 Focus, offers virtual, drug-free methods for treating these conditions. The practice recently expanded its offerings beyond the Pacific Rim and the United States, making all programs available virtually, literally to anyone anywhere.


Tens of millions of children and adults suffer from ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and Auditory Processing Disorders. Pharmaceutical treatment is the standard of care, but there are other options. Learn2Focus provides breakthrough brain training programs that are proven successful and side effect free as an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical treatment. They provide drug-free autism treatment, help for dyslexia, treatment for auditory processing disorders, non-drug options for ADD and medicine-free ADHD treatments in Hawaii and the Pacific in their offices, and now, via virtual training, in any location. Learn 2 Focus’ programs work quickly to bring long lasting, beneficial change in children and adults with learning, processing, and attention challenges.


Learn2Focus’ protocols are unique and effective, and take the whole person into consideration. Protocols address both the root causes and the challenges of these conditions. The research- and evidence-based brain training techniques are easily administered at the Learn 2 Focus office, and now at home too.


Learn2Focus Founder Susan Sorensen says, “Virtual training is the answer for busy families. Frequency, intensity and duration are the key components in getting results; and now you have that wherever you are.”


Learn 2 Focus’ programs, such Interactive Metronome, Cogmed, and The Listening Program, are proven to quickly and gently strengthen and reset the brain’s executive mechanisms, all without any fear of the unwanted side effects that sometimes accompany medication. Results are long lasting, and experience has shown that these techniques are equally as useful for adults with ADD, ADHD, and learning disorders too.