Learn 2 Focus Introduces FitLight to Hawaii!

Aloha, Learn 2 Focus ohana! I’m so thrilled to be able to share with you a new therapeutic intervention tool called FITLIGHT™. Developed by a former Olympic handball athlete from Denmark, FITLIGHT™ is a fun, engaging tool that helps increase processing speed and cognitive and motor function. I primarily pair FITLIGHT with Interactive Metronome, but it can be used on its own as well.

Here’s how it works: FITLIGHT™ has a light sequence, to which you perform a series of gross motor movements. As each light is deactivated, response time is measured and real-time feedback is provided on how fast or slow you reacted. Parameters are adjustable to the needs of the individual training.  We have local high school athletes using FITLIGHT, as well as individuals with attention and learning challenges.

While the overall goal of the program is to improve reaction time, it’s a scientific fact that when reaction time gets better, the brain is increasing the speed at which neurons fire and communicate. This means the carryover can be seen in both cognitive and motor function.

FITLIGHT™ and Interactive Metronome are both programs based on rhythm and timing – two very important, critical factors in helping you plan and sequence your thoughts and actions. Interactive Metronome is a program that hones in on neurotiming by coordinating physical movements to a computer-generated metronome beat. FITLIGHT™ uses light sequences. Both are built upon the scientific evidence that that cognitive challenges can be overcome when your timing improves, and that neurological functions is highly dependent on timing. Whether it’s the simple act of speaking or throwing a ball, everything has to be in-sync. Your brain needs to have what we call neurotiming, or, quick, precise brain timing. As millisecond accuracy is improved, neuroefficiency is strengthened. There’s growing improvement in the brain’s ability to synchronize thought and movement.

What I love about FITLIGHT™ is that it goes so well with Interactive Metronome. Whether it’s with Interactive Metronome’s math problems, spelling tests or sorting tasks, FITLIGHT™ is very customizable as it strengthens the child’s timing skills and processing speed. Like Interactive Metronome, I can adjust the light sequence to match the child’s levels so that it starts at a no or low fail point, building confidence as we go.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact me at susi@learn2focus.com!