Keiki Spotlight Success: Wilson Reading System

Keiki Spotlight: “C” and Wilson Reading System


As I announced on Tuesday, we’re certified to offer Wilson Reading System (WRS) at Learn 2 Focus, a proven method that helps children who may have dyslexia, reading fluency, and comprehension issues and similar challenges. For this month’s “Keiki Spotlight” blog, I wanted to introduce everyone to “C,” a keiki who came to Learn 2 Focus with dyslexia. She was adopted from China at 2 years old, and learned to read, write, and speak English with her adoptive family that now lives in Hawaii. As her parents got to know her and began to understand her needs, it was clear that she needed treatment for respiratory, language, behavioral, and attention issues.  This led to doctor’s visits, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medical treatments, multiple prescriptions, and social skills classes. Still, C’s parents strongly felt that more could be done to help her develop better health and skills.


Her parents kept researching and received advice from fellow home school moms, which led to Learn 2 Focus.  Our testing showed that Wilson Reading System would help, and so the new tutoring began. C’s mom says, “I admit I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how it would all turn out.”


After weeks and months of faithfully attending WRS tutoring sessions, C was retested. C went from not being able to visualize or run a movie in her head about what she read to becoming quite proficient and detailed in not only her visualization skills, but retelling skills as well. C also started with weak vocabulary, and went from not knowing unfamiliar words to being able to read for context and figuring out what a word meant or suggested. Strong understanding of syllable types and rules of the English language are fairly tough to follow! Decoding ability increased by 4 years and encoding by 6 and over years, in 6-months’ time. C is now advanced and ahead of her peers.


Her mom says, “These results were amazing. Susi and her patient, loving and thorough teaching had done wonders. We feel happy and blessed to have found her and Learn 2 Focus. The time and financial commitments are so worthwhile. Our children are precious gifts from God, and we want to give them what they need to succeed. Move forward and make the investment in your child. You won’t be disappointed!”