5 Things You Should Know About Wilson Reading System

Last month was Dyslexia Awareness month, and we had several inquiries about the methods we use for our students who struggle with reading, spelling, and comprehension.

 I’d like to highlight the Wilson Reading System, a multisensory program that targets kids with dyslexia and other language-based disabilities. WRS is influenced by Orton-Gillingham techniques, and each session typically lasts about 60 to 90 minutes. WRS has been proven by scientific research that it can help children who may have learning and attention issues. Here at Learn 2 Focus, I’ve seen firsthand how WRS can assist many keiki who struggle with dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and general reading fluency and comprehension issues.

To start, here are five things you should know about WRS:

1.       A multisensory program means you use two or more senses to learn one activity. WRS uses visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile senses, helping kids make connections between sounds and words. Kids are taught to break down and blend word sounds by tapping out each sound with their fingers and thumb. It’s called a “sound-tapping” system that is unique to WRS.

2.       WRS can help students from second grade and up, and any adults who might have reading issues such as dyslexia.

3.      Wilson Reading System has been a successful method even when other O-G methods have failed for certain students. At Learn 2 Focus, we have had several children and teens who previously failed at other types of direct reading instruction, and are now developing the skills necessary to become proficient readers.

4.       WRS targets students who are unable to decode accurately, have poor spelling or often guess at words. If your child reads slowly with a significant lack of fluency compared to their peers, WRS can help them catch up.

5.       WRS can help kids develop valuable reading and writing skills such as phonemic segmentation, alphabetic principles, decoding/encoding, vocabulary development, sight word instruction, fluency, comprehension and metacognition.

For more information, visit http://www.learn2focus.com/wilson-reading-system/ or send me an email at susi@learn2focus.com!