5 Reasons Your Child Should Try Fast ForWord

When it comes to finding reading intervention programs, there’s a reason why Fast ForWord remains one of the best solutions out there for your child. As I posted earlier this week, Fast ForWord’s results are hard to ignore – I have seen them firsthand while working with keiki who come to Learn 2 Focus. It’s helped more than 2 million students around the world – these are children with dyslexia, ADHD, reading and comprehension issues, autism and more.

Here are my top five reasons why I recommend Fast ForWord to families:

1.       It’s proven by research. Fast ForWord was developed by four of the world’s leading neuroscientists – a pretty good reason on its own! But it’s also been constantly proven to work by ongoing research conducted by Stanford University, Cornell University, UCSF, Rutgers University and even the US government.

2.       There are long-lasting positive results. Fast ForWord doesn’t just work during its 12 week program. Instead, there are gains in reading, thinking, and reasoning skills that continue for years after, as proven in a study in Dallas Texas.

3.       It’s fun! Kids love how Fast ForWord uses point counters, levels, sounds and entertaining graphics that make the program engaging. It’s also adaptive, which means that kids can keep working at a level that’s perfect for their skills.

4.       Fast ForWord, unlike many other programs, is convenient. You can do it online, accessible computer or iPad via an app at home or on the move.

5.       Targets the problem – not just the symptoms. Other programs often work like a band-aid, treating the symptoms and making temporary improvements. Fast ForWord targets the deep-seated processing and working memory skills that inhibit student progress. It exercises and strengthens these skills, making significant improvements that last.

Looking for more reasons to try Fast ForWord? Check out this link below, or shoot me an email at susi@learn2focus.com.