8 Real Truths About Your Child's ADHD

8 Real Truths About Your Child's ADHD


I am often concerned with our society’s stereotypes about attention deficit/hyperactivitiy disorder, or ADHD. These general misconceptions are results of the media or are assumptions from specific cases, which may not be true for everyone. Read these eight facts about ADHD – it may surprise you!

1.      Medication Can’t Fix ADHD
Yes, treating ADHD with medication can appear to be helpful in certain cases – and it’s often the first suggestion a doctor will make. But it’s not enough. In addition to brain training programs, children can benefit greatly from emotional positive support from their parents and peers.

2.      High Energy ≠ ADHD
Our images of ADHD often come from celebrities who talk about having it, like singer Adam Levine or actor and game show host Howie Mandel. But many kids with ADHD are often quiet, in their own worlds and can even struggle to get up off the couch.

3.      Children With ADHD CAN Pay Attention

They just have trouble paying attention to the “right” things. They may spend hours playing video games, watching a movie or playing with toys. However, if something isn’t inherently interesting to them, it takes a huge amount of effort for them to tune in.

4.      There Isn’t Just One Brand of ADHD
Everyone’s traits, struggles and ability to cope are different. Some kids with ADHD are constantly popular, interesting and funny. Others have a hard time creating relationships…but can surprise you by showing care and support at the most unexpected moments.

5.      Intelligence Has Nothing To Do With ADHD
Kids with ADHD can grow up to be Harvard professors, stockbrokers, firefighters, housewives, shop clerks, business owners, writers and artists. The take away? ADHD says nothing about your child’s intellectual capabilities!

6.      ADHD Can Cause Short-Term Memory
They might remember certain important (or not so important) facts, but not what their teacher told them about 3 minutes earlier in class. Having a reminder system like writing things down can help.

7.      Many Children with ADHD Have Trouble Sticking To Healthy Routines
Ensuring a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and eight hours of sleep a night can result in better self-control and function. As a parent, you can help your child create these good habits so they can remain healthy in the long run.

8.      ADHD Is Treatable
The disorder affects children in multiple areas – at home, friends, school, relationships and more. But remember, ADHD is treatable and does not have to rule you or your child’s quality of life.