Accelerate Your Learning with Fast ForWord

Accelerate Your Learning with Fast ForWord

What works for the body, works for the brain.

To get faster, you have to train better.

You have to listen well; apply and practice what you learn.

Intensity and intentionality are the way to go.

They are the way to speed up how much, and how well, you grasp knowledge… and how you grow.

Fast ForWord® brain training makes accelerated learning completely accessible to anyone who’s game.

In fact, this online software program plays like a game, but delivers training and skills practice so effective that it literally rewires your brain. Each session, you’ll find you perform better than the next.

Fast ForWord is an intensive, targeted program facilitating cognitive gains that are proven to last.

Fast ForWord® develops a variety of skills to help accelerate learning:

How quickly can you follow spoken directions or read a book?

  • Fast ForWord® improves your processing rate, or speed and accuracy of information processing.

How well do you employ strong listening skills?

  • Fast ForWord® supports your ability to focus and pay attention to detail.

Are you capable of storing information for long-term recall or short-term retrieval?

  • Fast ForWord® builds both recall and working memory, for improved ability to follow directions, and distinguish incremental differences in sounds or words.

Do you often struggle to grasp information details and and how they work together?

  • Fast ForWord® increases your ability to understand appropriate information sequencing, and what it means to the overall message or information source.

Is your learning hindered by ongoing issues with reading fluency and comprehension?

  • Fast ForWord® teaches better sound discrimination and sequencing, which directly impacts a wide variety of reading skills, including comprehension, vocabulary and grammar for the better.

This is the only program that simultaneously addresses each of these skills, providing the fertile mental foundation for new ways of learning, and even overcoming existing learning challenges.

The Fast ForWord® program has been shown to result in progressive neurological changes. Developed by a leading educational company, Scientific Learning, patented technologies make the most of what we now know about “brain plasticity.” Neuroscientists at the University of California-San Francisco, and Rutgers University, investigated brain changes that take place when people learn, and what conditions amplify that learning.

They discovered that intensive, adaptive training can actually produce physical changes in the brain that enhance attention span, processing speed, and memory capacity, thereby accelerating learning ability.

Fast ForWord® will meet you where you are cognitively, and consistently push you higher.

This highly-touted, well-researched training system focuses on helping you hear and distinguish phonemes — the basic units of sound that comprise language-building blocks of language. You’ll begin training at very slow speeds and gradually work up to normal speech patterns, retraining your brain to process sounds rapidly, and in ways that will override previous issues or challenges that might slow your ability to comprehend language or learn well.

Fast ForWord exercises easily adapt to your current abilities, and challenges you consistently to maintain an optimal amount of progress and success. Program users work out their brains for 30 to 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week to see significant results. A Learn2Focus consultant is available for feedback and extra support.

In as little as 8-12 weeks, Fast ForWord can help you learn more than ever before, by strengthening the fundamental cognitive and reading skills that support all learning.

When your training is complete, you may find that your investment in your mind has provided you with a new set of life skills and abilities. You’ll absorb information more efficiently, pay closer attention, and recall more of what you were taught. Confident, lasting, accelerated learning is at your fingertips through Fast ForWord.