Stop Brain Drain and Get Your Child Back on Track for Academic Success

Stop Brain Drain and Get Your Child Back on Track for Academic Success

Summer is good for a lot of things. Time off. Time out. A break from all things rote and routine.

You decided to take the summer off for tons of fun…good for you…we all need down time.

Unfortunately, summer’s not so good for practicing tasks and learning targets that keep your child focused and progressing academically.

Now that school has begun, you may find your child has experienced the dreaded summer brain drain.

Statistics show that during the summer, most children lose about two months of reading comprehension, fluency, and/or vocabulary retention and nearly 2.5 months of math skills. Children are often ill prepared to start the new year with higher goals or expectations.

Are you concerned, but unsure, which steps will help to correct the problem?

First, don’t be overwhelmed.

But don’t simply wait for the report card either.

Learn 2 Focus can help answer the question “How do we get back on track?”

Next, seek out interactive programs that incorporate movement, rhythm, music, and sound.

Why? According to researchers, these training programs:

  1. stimulate new neural pathways.
  2. enhance learning capability.
  3. increase information retention.
  4. improve social engagement.
  5. ease stress and anxiety associated with learning.

These benefits, readily available through evidenced-based brain training solutions at Learn2Focus, can help ease the return to the classroom. Brain training is extremely beneficial, alongside classroom efforts to get on pace with new learning objectives.

Consider the following programs:

  • Interactive Metronome (IM) is an intensive brain-training program developed by neuroscientists to improve internal timing. Focus and coordination training come together, making learning fun and engaging while sharpening auditory, visual, and motor skills. Your child will want to learn. The listening and focus skills attained through IM’s unique game-like format are directly applicable at school. Confidence increases, as brain drain quickly gives way to an eagerness to train.
  • InTime employs scientific research indicating positive social and emotional benefits, increased motor capacity, and stress relief attributed to percussion and rhythm. The rhythm-based music in the software heightens listeners’ attention levels, focus, and precision. The training is flexible, meant for any age. Used together, InTime and Interactive Metronome (IM) can effectively help your child get back into the rhythm of the classroom with fewer difficulties.
  • Cogmed training enhances working memory, strengthens math and reading skills, problem solving, assignments execution, and conversation skills — all areas shown to suffer after a three-month break from school. Your child will benefit greatly from the personal attention afforded by the highly responsive software and one-on-one coaching. Participants report improved academic performance months after concluding Cogmed.
  • Reading Assistant (RA) is a reading practice program, a computerized tutor of sorts, that can go a long way in supporting literacy skills. Brain drain is no match for cutting edge speech recognition software, and real-time response to your child, as he or she reads. Practice time is no problem either, as tutoring time can happen wherever a computer is available.
  • The Listening Program (TLP) training is based on studies suggesting that music therapy promotes brain activity, assists communication, improves attention, and tempers sound sensitivities. All are excellent aids for helping a child hone classroom skills, and return to days at a desk. The use of acoustically-modified instrumental music via Waves™ multi-sensory audio system significantly reduces stress, sharpens focus, self-control, and learning. This type of practice will help your child rebound from several months of unorganized time and interaction.

Act now to train your child’s brain with a customized training program or combination of programs. Your child’s brain needs some solid instruction and a good workout, to put a stopper in brain drain, and restore his or her cognitive strength.