Listening Program is Music to Student’s Ears

The Listening Program is one of solutions we use at Learn 2 Focus in Hawaii. We want to share this interesting survey of what happened over four years of using the program in a school in West Virginia.

Updated: Friday, April 10 2015, 03:49 PM EDT BROOKE COUNTY, W. Va.—The Listening Program has been in practice for four years and some say it’s ahead of its time thanks to the programs ability to help children with special needs at Brooke County Schools. In fact, the Listening Program has been so successful; educators are now finding ways to grow the program and shape lives in a way they never knew was possible. The program uses classical music paired with sound frequencies aimed to improve attention and communication. “It works on tolerating changes in volume, movement of sound, localizing sound and different frequencies as well,” said occupational therapist Jami Dantry. Many call this innovative program a success and is now being offered throughout the district.

“We had people from the elementary school and move to the middle school, parents noticed enough of a difference that they were advocating it to move with their children,” said occupational therapist Amy Demi. For educators and parents in the Brooke County school system, this has been a Godsend. “Every year, he progresses, the attention gets better, the focus gets better, his ability in the regular first grade classroom is nothing short of miraculous,” said principal and parent Nicole Ennis. Students agree the change of pace is music to their ears. “I like it because it’s real relaxing,” said student Cole Carey. April is autism awareness month, which is a disorder that affects some of the children in the program. Educators say they are always looking for new sources of funding, as the program continues to grow. They added that the program has been blessed by several local organizations, grants, and the county.

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