Play This Space Mines Patrol Game For Working Memory

I’ve shared about Working Memory before – WM is an important skill that focuses on the ability to remember and apply relevant information while in the middle of an activity, such as cooking, playing games, studying and more.

Children who have ADHD often have Working Memory deficits – not always, but usually. They have a hard time remembering their parents’ or teachers’ instructions on completing homework. Other challenges include recalling rules for a game or a sport, or completely any other tasks that involve calling up important information to complete the task. It’s hard to retain current information while also holding onto new incoming information.

So…are you curious to see how good your WM is? Try out this fun game called “Space Mines Patrol.” It’s an online game developed by one of theprograms we use at Learn 2 Focus, Cogmed. The game is programmed to utilize your working memory capacity to “dismantle” dangerous space mines. This is a neat way for you to understand how it feels like when WM is challenged – share it with friends and have fun!


Remember, at Learn 2 Focus, we have multiple programs that can help your child have stronger WM skills, such as Interactive Metronome, Fast ForWord and, as I mentioned, Cogmed. Memory booster tasks and video games targeting WM skills can strengthen and improve WM for almost any child. Feel free to contact me for more info or for an assessment!