DIY Easter Balloons For Kids

Guess what’s hoppin’ around the corner? Easter is coming up this Sunday, March 27! Whether you have plans with your family and friends at home or church, planning to decorate eggs with DIY dye or cook a fantastic Easter dinner, it’s always fun to have a special occasion to break things up out of the family normal routine. All you have to do is google “Easter DIY” and there’s no end to easy crafts that you can do to get into the Easter spirit.

Here are a couple links for you that I thought were fun and useful:

1.       Décor, food and drinks:

2.       DIY Bunny Ears:

3.       Handcrafted Easter Décor:

4.       Easter egg balloons:

I especially like how simple that last craft is. Easter egg balloons are easy enough to make for your kids to join in as well, so the holiday can really become a family event. All you need is 9” or 11” latex balloons in festive pastel spring colors, acrylic paint and paintbrushes. Blow the balloons up, and then have the kids explore their creative side and use the paint to create their own favorite Easter egg designs. Possibilities are endless…have fun!