Credibility Check - Fast ForWord

Ready to dive into the deep end of the science pool? Today, I wanted to share this article on electrocortical dynamics and audiovisual learning. First of all, I’m not suggesting you have to read through this whole thing – unless you want to! It’s pretty heavy academic reading, and unless you understand terms like electroencephalography (EEG) or electrophysiological activity, you might want to skip reading.

Here’s the link:

That being said, I’m sharing this research because I wanted to show how invaluable and intensive studies are still being conducted today, constantly proving the benefits of brain-training programs like Fast ForWord. As you all might already know, I offer Fast ForWord at Learn 2 Focus, and I always say that all my programs are based off on scientific evidence. Hence, this article.

In this specific study, children between the ages 6 to 9 years old with learning-language impairments were tested using rapid tone sequences, along with behavioral language testing and audiovisual training. A non-treatment group of children with typical language development were assessed twice as well. In a nutshell, the final results showed that the children who had learning-language impairments showed great improvement, even though they had started off with problems! The whole research is based on the idea that the ability to detect subtle and rapid sound changes in speech is a huge help in language processing. Children who have impairments or language development disorders have a hard time detecting these sound changes.

Therefore, brain training programs such as Fast ForWord, which helps your child hear and process the sounds between phonemes, is extremely beneficial. (Phonemes, by the way, are the basic building blocks of language.) Give your child some time, and watch him or her start at slow speeds and finally increase to normal speech patterns. Soon, you’ll see dramatic improvement in reading and writing scores, as well as sharper memory and longer attention span.

So…a bit of a credibility check here: Fast ForWord does work! It’s exciting for me to see that there is always new research conducted, and it’s also assuring for parents to know that with time, these programs will help their child overcome seemingly impossible challenges.