5 Reasons Why Early Intervention Is Important

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, everyone! As we’re heading into the end of the year, you might have started thinking about the new season coming up. Maybe you’re considering of starting a new plan for your child, or different ways to overcome his developmental delays or other challenges.

Whatever the case, I always tell parents not to delay. Don’t wait to start on a program or a new plan. While you’re waiting to hear back from the doctor’s office, start doing research on your child, or seeking out a second opinion. And always, don’t forget the importance of early intervention. Here are my five reasons why:

1.       The earlier a child receives help to overcome developmental disorders, the better the chance he has to catch up with his peers, especially when it comes to education. Through early intervention, keiki can hopefully be able to enter preschool or elementary school ready to succeed.

2.       According to research, learning and development are at their highest rate in the preschool years. If certain important learning and developmental milestones are missed, the sad truth is that children will start falling behind more and more down the road.

3.       Early intervention has been shown to result in the child needing fewer special education and habilitative services later in life, being retained in grade less often, and in some cases, being indistinguishable from nonhandicapped classmates after intervention.

4.       There are local services available at the state level, where you can receive free services for both yourself and your child. Early Intervention Services in Hawaii is a federal and state-mandated program that provides free help for infants and toddlers who need extra boost to their developmental delays. Your pediatrician can provide a referral if you feel your child needs that support.

Your role as parents is crucial in your child’s success. Your child needs your full commitment and involvement in any plan, whether it is a virtual program like our Learn 2 Focus’ IM Home, Fast ForWord or Cogmed. Remember that your child needs your support in all environments, whether it’s at school or at home