Research Supports Interactive Metronome for ADHD, Language and Reading Disorders

If you’re anything like me – a parent with children who have apraxia, autism or ADHD – you are automatically a research geek! As in, if there is any opportunity to learn more about what your kid has and how these disorders can be overcome, you’ll be reading all about it and sharing these studies online.

Which is why I thought to post a link to some well-written, peer-reviewed research which I found fascinating…and also invaluable to what I do! Each of these studies have had group participants, using appropriate experimental design methods where there were two or more groups and one received IM, while the other received none. At the end of the study, the researchers were able to prove the effectiveness of Interactive Metronome (IM), which is one of the brain-training programs that I offer at Learn 2 Focus. Designed to help children and adults with developmental, learning and attention problems related to motor processing and sequencing challenges, IM training focuses on improving rhythm and timing, two critical factors in being able to plan and sequence your thoughts and actions.

Here is the link:

For our audience specifically, I would suggest “Effects of Interactive Metronome Training on Children with ADHD,” “Reading Intervention Using Interactive Metronome in Children with Language and Reading Impairment: A Preliminary Investigation,” and “Improvements in Interval Time Tracking and Effects on Reading Achievement.” But there are also some other fascinating studies in this link, such as how Interactive Metronome can improve blast-related brain injury, mathematics, and even golfing! Consider them extra credit reading. J Let me know what you think of them and consider including IM in your child’s training!