Learn 2 Focus Introduces Moyers Learning Ears

Learn 2 Focus Introduces Moyers Learning Ears

Gayle Moyers is the pioneering force behind Moyers Learning Systems, a program designed to help students overcome poor listening, reading, spelling, or other academic struggles with the skills they need to be successful in the classroom.

Moyers has over three decades of experience supporting and teaching children to develop key mental tools that will be vital to retraining your child’s brain for improved auditory processing.

Moyers saw the need for a program that could address the lagging self-confidence and self-image that often accompany poor auditory processing skills. So, she built a system that could positively teach the necessary skills through intensive training, daily practice, and one-on-one encouragement…ensuring the type of successes every struggling learner and his or her parents hope for.

Can Learning Ears help my child’s specific learning issues?

Have you tried for years to find the right academic formula or instructional balance to help your child manage

  • language delays
  • attention deficits
  • dyslexia
  • learning disabilities
  • processing disorders
  • and more?

Learning difficulties are generally tied to problems with listening to, interpreting, and recalling heard or read information. To be a successful learner, kids need to master the basics. Reading and listening are fundamental skills that launch a student’s achievement and confidence in any learning environment.

LEARNING EARS helps children overcome these difficulties in a matter of months. The system is unique and proven, providing the fundamentals for classroom improvement and learning goal attainment many families believed was previously out of reach.

Clients who have committed to the program have reported phenomenal success.

LEARNING EARS fosters growth in the following areas:

  • attentiveness to auditory input
  • heightened ability to locate and recognize sound
  • awareness and sharpened focus
  • stronger physical coordination and muscle tone
  • improved left/right discrimination and sense of the body
  • noticeable improvement in verbal control
  • improved ability to interpret, organize, and utilize language
  • refined phonemic awareness
  • boosted recall and memory
  • better employment of creativity and problem solving
  • higher level of reading comprehension

How is the LEARNING EARS program administered?

Over the course of 20 weeks, Moyer’s Learning Ears will engage your child in 4 phases of skill development.

He or she will  experience an individualized program, set up to addresses your child’s specific issues. The customized learning consultations require a commitment of just 30-minutes a day, 5 days per week to see measurable results — results your child may have had to wait years to enjoy with more traditional methods.

As your LEARNING EARS instructor tracks and fine-tunes the system to your child every week, your child will benefit from the innovation inherent to training in the clinic and at home. Careful attention will be paid to helping you and your child carry over what you learn with the practitioner to the home training.

The 4 phases of skill development will be easy to follow and will target a host of coordinated skills.

Phase one concentrates on assessment and goal setting.

The skills targeted include:

  • Listening and attentiveness
  • Focus
  • Spacial awareness
  • Physical coordination

Phase two assists your child’s manipulation of language. Skills focus includes:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Recall
  • Speech quality and articulation
  • Auditory comprehension
  • Expression of thoughts and ideas

Phase three motivates your child to establish more productive reading habits.

Abilities expanded include:

  • Reading accuracy and fluency
  • Self correction
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Communication and social behavior
  • Improved motivation
  • Self-Confidence

Phase four synthesizes and solidifies your child’s knowledge and provides tools for successfully using the home program only. The final phase targets the following:

  • Increased academic success
  • Independent  learning
  • Elevated motivation and confidence

This program is innovative and proven.

Choose LEARNING EARS to help your child train his or her brain for significant advancement, academic success, and lasting self confidence.