Hawaii’s Brain Training Center

Aloha and Welcome to the new website for Susi Sorenson’s Learn 2 Focus where you can Train Your Brain.

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Susi searched for years to find solutions for her own children’s learning challenges.

She finally found an incredibly effective “brain training” program on the mainland. However there was no certified “brain training” provider in Hawaii so she did what a mother dedicated to her special needs children would do, she studied and obtained professional certification.

That was the beginning of the journey of Learn2Focus.

As others saw the results in her own kids they asked her to work with their kids and in the years since Susi has achieved remarkable results with kids and adults in overcoming the challenges of Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Brain injuy and many other related conditions.

If you or your loved ones are struggling with being able to read, to concentrate, to achieve your education and life goals, here you will find help, empathy, understanding and the confidence of repeated success through personalized programs of brain training designed by Susi for each unique person.

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  • Identify the learning challenges that you or your child may be facing.
  • Discover the remarkable science behind the new discipline of brain training.
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