Brain Training in Hawaii

Can we change the function of the brain?  The answer is “YES!”  The keys are:

  1. engagement during training
  2. overlap training time to include complimentary areas of focus
  3. provide appropriate and SUFFICIENT input
  4. adapt challenge and difficulty
  5. maintain continued practice for continued benefit

This is the rationale behind Interactive Metronome.  Our mantra at Learn2Focus is:  FREQUENCY, INTENSITY, DURATION, CONSISTENCY, CHALLENGE. Now through Learn 2 Focus’  IM-Home program anyone can have access to this brain training program anywhere and at any time in Hawaii. Whether you are on Oahu, Maui County, Big Island, or Kauai you too can improve the function of your brain under the supervision  and guidance of our brain trainer, Susi Sorensen. This is important news because prior to 2014 this training was difficult to obtain on the neighbor islands.

To read more about these 5 keys go this great article at SharpBrains.