Accelerate Learning During Winter Break

In the holiday spirit of giving, I’m excited to announce that Learn 2 Focus is offering winter promotions for two of our Language and Literacy programs, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant! If you purchase 1 year of Fast ForWord from now until December 11th, you’ll receive 1 year of Reading Assistant for free -- a $700 value savings.

We also have a second second winter break promotion for Cogmed (3 licenses only at the reduced cost, so don't wait). Regularly priced at $1500, we are offering Cogmed for $899 from now through December 11th.  The program spans for only 5 weeks – it’s a fast in, fast out solution for a working memory deficit frequently associated with ADHD.

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord program bases its approach on scientific evidence that suggests many language challenges are the result of the brain failing to process sounds correctly. Training focuses on helping your child hear and process the sounds and distinguish between phonemes — the basic building blocks of language. Beginning at artificially slow speeds and gradually increasing to normal speech patterns, your child learns to process sounds rapidly in order to overcome his or her auditory processing challenges.

The Fast ForWord Language programs allow for dramatic improvement in reading and writing scores while focusing on memory, attention, processing and sequencing. When you or your child begins the Fast ForWord program, you will follow a differentiated learning path based on age and assessment results. As you continue with the program, the training software constantly adapts to your level so you won’t become frustrated or bored.

Reading Assistant

RA is the only reading program that “listens” to students as they read out loud, intervenes when students falter and automatically scores students’ oral reading. When a student has difficulty reading a word, RA provides a visual cue. If the student does not self-correct, the software intervenes by pronouncing the word. Where other programs record a student’s audio but still need someone to review it, RA immediately gives feedback to students and generates daily reports for parents. Students who use the RA program can improve their reading grade level up to 50 percent more than students receiving classroom instruction alone. If your child is struggling to read at his or her grade level, you can begin using RA for immediate progress.


Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program designed to help children, adolescents and adults train their working memory to significantly improve attention. With enhanced working memory, clients become more focused and less distraction-prone and are better able to remember instructions, plan next steps, and start and finish tasks. For adults, this means enhanced professional performance and attentional stamina. School-age kids who undergo Cogmed training experience improved social skills, improved reading and math comprehension and better academic results. 

For more information about these programs and how they might help you and your child, please contact us at or call 808-352-0116.