Part Two: Learn 2 Focus Reading Method Now Available!

Part Two: Wilson Reading System Now Available at Learn 2 Focus!

For today’s blog post, I have some VERY exciting news to share: Learn 2 Focus Reading Method is now available!

On Tuesday, I introduced to you all to The Learn 2 Focus Reading Method. It’s a unique program which has incorporated the best techniques from other well known Orton-Gillingham and O-G influenced programs and blended them with alternative learning options. I love its multi-sensory approach, using research-based, sensory and tactile cues to help students master reading and learning skills.

As with all other interventions at Learn 2 Focus, we’ll begin with an assessment, to discuss your or your child’s obstacles. This is to ensure if Learn 2 Focus Reading Method is the right fit for you or if we could combine other solutions for a better outcome.

Results of Learn 2 Focus Reading Method:

·         Students with decoding deficits showed reading growth using our direct, multisensory, structured language teaching approach.

  • Significant student gains in word attack, reading comprehension, total reading, and spelling.
  • The program works for all grade levels.  There is no student too young or too old to benefit from the method. 
  • The program effectively ‘closed the gap’ in reading skills for struggling readers.

If you’d like more information, you can visit our Learn 2 Focus Reading Method webpage, and then give us a call at 352-0116 to chat more.